Fun garden games that’ll help little ones get some much-needed fresh air

Trying to keep kids occupied during holidays and weekends is no mean feat. Yes, there’s movies to be watched and iPads to be played on, but there’s only so much time one can spend inside. Getting kids out into the garden not only keeps them healthy and active, it’s also great for mental health and gives them a much needed appreciation for nature.

Well, our friends at intu Trafford Centre have rounded up four fun garden games for kids to enjoy in the garden all summer long…


Colours and shapes game

Recommended for 1-4 players


For this one you simply need some chalk and ground! Draw a range of shapes in different colours, and get your little one to go from one end to the other by stepping on the colour or shape you call out to them. Assign points for every correct colour or shape that’s stepped on. This is a great one for toddlers to enjoy whilst also learning their shapes and colours. If you don’t have chalk or any outdoor pavement space to draw the shapes on, simply cut shapes out of paper and place these on the grass instead. 

Obstacle course

Recommended for 1-6 players


For kids who like to run and clamber, a DIY obstacle course is perfect. Create your course with things like washing baskets, hula hoops, boxes, string and anything else you have around. Have your little ones race through the obstacles (or why not get involved yourself) and have someone else time the race with a stopwatch or on their mobile phone. Prizes can be awarded for the one with the best time, whoever gets muddiest or whoever runs the race in the most entertaining way!

Water cup races

Recommended for 2-4 players


Set up one string for each player by taping or tying one end of the string to a tree or some heavy garden furniture, and the other end to another solid surface. Create holes in plastic cups with a hole puncher or carefully with some scissors and hang one cup on each string with the open end facing the players. Each player then uses a water gun or garden hose to try and spray water into the cup, trying to be the first one to push it to the end. Why not play in pairs or have one string cup for each player. The winner is whichever team or individual gets the most water into the cup in a certain amount of time.

Tug Of War

Recommended for 2-8 players


All you need to play this game is a rope and some mini players! If you don’t have a rope you can improvise with a rolled up blanket or towel. Simply divide up into teams, mark the centre of the rope, and place the rope on the ground with a flag/marker of your choice. The flag and the centre of the rope should be in the same spot at the start of the game. All that’s left now is for the team’s to pull with all their might!


To win the game, one team must succeed at pulling the majority of the rope over to their side. This game might leave kids in a muddy, crumpled heap on the floor, but it’s great physical exercise and also wonderful for developing team building skills.


So get outside, soak up some rays (hopefully) and enjoy getting active with your little ones – they’ll thank you for it.


A little too cold/rainy for garden games? Why not check out our guide to the best board games or low tech toys to keep your family entertained, instead.

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